another cookie

another cookie, originally uploaded by ambray66.

Cookies are my nemesis. I must eat them. They call out to me in their little cookie voices: "Eat me! Eat me!" Truth be told, almost ANY sweet will do the same. My dear Severo is my cookie enabler. "Look honey, these were on sale at work!" (He works at Bob's, a nice Santa Monica grocery store). This Pepperidge Farm specimen is one of his latest finds.

I had devoured maybe 2 of them, was about to down a 3rd when I thought, if I sketch it, it'll at least slow me down a little.

I felt like I was drawing a treasure map as I first did the outline (the island), drew in the chocolate chunks (booty!), and added the oaty texture (topographical features). I went to a pirate-themed bar last night and this may have influenced my thoughts.

Then I decided to add the nutrition info, thought it'd be a nice graphic touch. By the time I finished that, the other 2 cookies had expanded sufficiently that I had no desire to eat my model. I put it BACK into the package! Yes.


Deb Salter said...

I'd love to see a cookie series here!

anne m bray said...

one seems to be developing, deb