fridge clutter

fridge clutter, originally uploaded by ambray66.

day 1, start of upper right corner
sharpie + gel pen on canson paper

this is a 1:1 scale drawing


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Ok--this looks fun!

Alex said...

Cool project! Looks like it's gonna take a while :)
Are you gonna color it too?

anne m bray said...

alex, color... I'm not sure
when I looked @ photo of fridge + drawing, well, the fridge looked so much more... lively. maybe color pencil, maybe not
I'm finding this is becoming all about drawing different fonts!
who knew?

sketchbookbuttons said...

this is so cool- I hope you show more pictures of the process as this drawing evolves- I love the way you have set up this project- also your fridge looks a bit like mine! :) great work

Just Love Books said...

Great project! Can't wait to see the finish product.