mothers-iced-lemonade, originally uploaded by anne m bray.

these are not cookies, they are crackies
ate about 10 before I finally stopped by sketching one -- should have started sketching sooner!

Mother's was a CA brand that went out of business and was bought up by Kellogg's. So now the whole US can enjoy them (or be tortured, if one is on a diet). My boyfriend was so delighted to find them (plus they were on sale @ Albertson's) that he brought a couple of bags home. He waxed nostalgic about all the various Mother's flavors. I finally succumbed to sampling one and, well, there's no going back. Crackies. In the immortal words of James Woods: "I just need a boost."

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suzanne cabrera said...

Oh no! Keep those crackies away from me! I'd be sure to eat a whole bag!

Lovely sketch...great texture!