harbor general, day 2 -- urgent care

I was warned by the nurse (?) I saw in ER to get to the hospital before 7:30, because of the bad parking situation (my appointment was at 8). Got there @ 7:25 and yes, it was bad.

Doors to Urgent Care area didn't open until 8. Waited in the same area that I waited the day before and again had to listen to bad TV. Sigh. Why don't they show a "waves on the beach" video or something else relaxing? I find the yammering of AM TV hosts abrasive -- well, any TV/radio yammering. I drew my shoe to pass the time (see previous post below).

At 8, the magic doors opened and then it was time to wait on line to submit my ID, wait for my name to be called for initiating paperwork and waiting in the Urgent Care waiting room. (Do you sense a theme here?). I listened to Leonard Cohen to help relax and block out the TV noise.

Finally at about 9:30, I was led into the inner sanctum of Urgent Care and into a room. No, the wait was not over!

Met with a doctor, waited while she conferred with attending, waited for my paperwork. Got all that and then waited to talk with a financial counselor to see if I could get a further reduction in fees. Nope, make too much at the part-time job (part-time + pre-existing = no health insurance = County healthcare system).

HOWEVER, I'm finally at the point where I thought I was last week when I was calling the Breast Center directly: poised with a doctor referral and waiting to hear from them to schedule an appointment. (I thought my original Dr's note was a referral. No, it was a note).

So now I get to wait 2-3 weeks for that. It IS progress, a teeny tiny bit of progress.

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