A Taste of 2011

I'm doing year-end overviews of all my blogs
(Did you know that I write five?!)
Here are highlights of various styles of sketches from the last year.

Ink sketch - the first type of sketch that I posted here, as inspired by the Everyday Matters group. This is one of my "waiting at the hospital" sketches. The last in my Chemo Chronicle sketchbook, in fact.
original post here
more ink drawings

Paint tubes
- I exhibited paint tube and cupcake sketches in June. (The cupcakes are over on their own blog: Cupcake Safari) This is a digital composite of all the paint tubes.
original post
more paint tubes

Colored pencil
- This I drew specifically for an event at my gallery to benefit the Japanese tsunami victims. I think I'll open up the Cupcake Safari to include other desserts. Maybe a world tour of desserts... I got tired of eating cupcakes [not, haha].
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more food

iPhone Brushes painting
- Started sketching garish skies. This is my favorite of the lot - both for location and skill level.
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more like this

iPhone Brushes painting #2 - More food. I like how it's possible to get the translucent glow found in tomatoes through the brushes app. This is here because I want to do more of these.
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Digital paintings - These I create in Corel Painter, using the Wacom tablet. They originate as photos and I'm currently concentrating on my commute captures.
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more like this

Digital portraits - In November, I revisited my technique of tracing over photos in Adobe Illustrator using the Brush Tool and a Wacom tablet. This has lead to a huge project that will be my next TAG exhibition in April 2012. It involves style bloggers and you can follow my progress on that over on SpyGirl, my fashion blog.
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more like this
How was your year?
Wishing you all a great 2012, filled with creativity and new possibilities!


amb art history: circa 1971

This is one of the oldest pieces that I found inside my home. (Can't get to the stuff in the garage). It was tucked in an ancient sketchbook. It's one of the few things that isn't totally embarrassing in there. 
I like it. It's moody. 
The sketchbook has a lot of poetry,
marked by a heavy Kenneth Patchen influence. 
Here's an example: 
dig that handwriting! 
what can I say, I was 14. 

Do you have any art relics hidden away?


Drive Home painting

Drive Home, Digital Painting, ©2011

amb art history

I now have a Tumbler site! Because I don't blog enough - harhar.
It has a mish-mash of all my interests ALL IN ONE PLACE. Scary. 

I'm going to be posting old artwork there, starting with the earliest that I have in my posession. 
don't worry, it won't be my horse drawings from the 60s