mini: Barbie flipflop

It's the start of another ArtHouse Sketchbook Project. The theme for May/June is "mini". (I signed up for their "Sketchbook of the Month" series, so every month I'm getting a new blank Moleskine sketchbook with a theme assigned for the month.)

The envelope from ArtHouse was teeny tiny and inside was a 4-1/8 x 2-1/2" black Moleskine Volant Notebook, Xsmall (amz aff)

So cute! I love small items! I decided to start with a sketch of the Barbie flipflop that Juan sent me as my "prize" for winning week 13 in the "Found It: Urban Artifacts" FaceBook group. I'm going to draw my prize winning find next.
I've chosen ink and prisma pencil as the media for this book.

It makes me chuckle that I'm starting this book with a shoe drawing while still working (sort of -- fallen WAY out of the habit) on the "shoes" book.


Juan said...

This is cool. I'm glad the flip flop found a good home.

anne m bray said...

I'm so glad you found it!