mini: Hormel corned beef

I found this in a box full of little stuff in the garage while looking for something else. It's dollhouse food from an accessory line circa 1978. Dubbed "Reality in a Box" by my pal Wendy, it was comprised of pins made up of little dioramas glued into 2x2" plastic boxes. Aline had seen some cool pins at Reminiscence that were basically pin backs glued onto train set accessories (like people on a park bench). We loved this and decided to make some. It was difficult getting the pin backs to adhere to the items. Some film cannisters were laying around and I thought of the mini diorama concept. (I was big on making dioramas for book reports in grade school). Eventually, I used clear plastic boxes found on Canal St. I'll try to find some samples...

Gee, it's really easy to sketch small sketches of small things. I've already done 3 before breakfast!

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