Brushes Painting - Shoe

OK, so I got the iPad a while back and one of the things I wanted to use it for was sketching in the Brushes app. Instead, it has become my go to reader for Twitter when I'm lounging on the couch. How timely then, to get this tweet:

Danny's Twitter link
This also came into my inbox from Julien Smith of In Over Your Head: "Those who win are producers, not consumers. The first thing you do each morning should be active, not passive– no Facebook, no email. Whatever you choose should put you in a state of mind for the rest of the day. Choose carefully." [#1 from 19 Thoughts About Finding Your Purpose]

The universe is sending me a message!

I start today with the tired old cow print shoe that is confined to house arrest (though sometimes it escapes and walks around the block). You've seen it before, if you've been reading this blog. If not, it's filed under the tag "shoe 1"

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