In 5 Minutes... On My Person

The directive from ArtHouse: "This week your challenge is to create a 5 minute drawing of everything currently on your person. Include anything you're wearing, carrying, stowing in your pockets, and every other detail that you can draw for the next five minutes!
Upload your submission to our Flickr Group. It does require a login, but it's free and easy!
Tweet your images @arthouse using #infiveminutes to share with the world right now!"

That was really fun! I used my old flat template from OTIS (was that cheating?). I only missed getting my sneakers.

This free project runs until 3/22, so you have plenty of time if you want to join in.
Every Friday, the "In 5 Minutes" theme changes, so you can click on this link any time and get a prompt.


Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Fun! May well play! But now, off to shop for hordes hitting the pub (our restaurant) for St. Pad's.
Great site, idea...
Thanks yet again, Anne

Anne M Bray said...

I might do flats of my entire wardrobe and play paper dolls! I was A LOT of fun. Thinking about how I can do something with this for SpyGirl.

Thanks for stopping by, Jan.
Hope you survived the holiday intact!