Bergamot Station Station Opens

The Metro light rail now runs from downtown LA to Santa Monica. Woohoo!

I helped woman the Bergamot Station Arts Complex booth during the hoopla on Saturday.
I sat there all day (10am - 4pm) and by 2pm I was getting a bit loopy.
I did some sketching to help ground myself.
In case you were wondering, Bergamot Station is running strong, despite the efforts of the City of Santa Monica to redevelop it into another hotel/condo/shopping thing (isn't there enough of that in Santa Monica already?). Full disclosure: I have a vested interest in keeping Bergamot an Arts destination, I'm part owner of TAG Gallery.

If you are a Santa Monica resident, I encourage you to learn about the LUVE Initiative (LUVE stands for Land Use Voter Empowerment). 
It IS possible to fight City Hall.


The Clutter Abides, Still

I'm doing one of those "Post 5 Artworks..." challenges on Facebook [find mine here], and I thought I'd make it more complicated for myself by making blog posts with the art. Each day a different blog. [Yes, I have 5+ blogs. Ack!]
Sketches and Impressions was the first blog that I started, in May 2008.

Clutter sketches surface in my oeuvre every now and then.
Here's an early one from 2009:
Anne M Bray, Office Clutter, Ink on paper, 11 x 13" ©2009
Here's a recent one from my decluttering project of October 2015:
Link for this image
All the posts are on The Glutton's Progress, the second blog that I started in April 2009.
Here's the link for the month-long series.
As a result of that project, the living room became tidy for about one day. Then the paper tsunami hit. The floodwaters of paper still linger.
As I say in the title, the clutter abides.