#cluttercleanup 2024. Pastel Station, Round 2

Circling back to the pastels problem.

Last week, I gave up on attempting to organize them:
I printed out the sketch and colored it in with the corresponding pastels. I didn't do this on the original sketch because too messy.
As I did that, I put the pastels with their pastel friends in the boxes and drawers.

Lo and behold, I found MORE at the bottom of the pile:
I was ready to give up again, yet I soldiered on.

I have a lot of pastels!

click on image to embiggen
At some point, I will slowly go through them and sort as a proper rainbow of colors.

Let's pause to examine the retro graphics on the cover of the box in the upper right above:

I cleaned up my drawing area, it was getting very dusty, and I was getting confused with what stick was what color. 
I made myself two trays - one for sunrise sketches, and one for "golden California hills" (the next theme I want to draw):
Ready to go!
Today's pastel drawing:
US101, San Miguel, CA
I still have a pile of random sticks - I think this might be the result of a bunch that fell out of a box.
When I'm in a super organizey mood, I'll tackle them.

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