edm #180: favorite color

this is a tube of oil paint... just a tiny smidge of paint left...
use the squisher thing to get every possible bit -- the cadmiums are $$$


edm #178 something red

used actual Revlon Red nail polish for the red...
weird to paint toenails on paper vs real toes

yart sale

it was a sale of art in the front yard = yart
these are various things I stared at while sitting there

my front yard is very exposed to a busy street:
good for yard sales, not good for hanging out...
so this was the first time I noticed how much of a list the power poles have...
I'm glad they're leaning to the west and that they're on the other side of the street!

for more about the yart sale itself, click here


rocks and baby pine, ilyllwild

this is on the campus of Idyllwild Arts Academy,
just outside the Gallery
there were some great shadow patterns as well...
beyond my capabilities in ink

pine tree, idyllwild

Spent last weekend up in Idyllwild...
Went to a couple of Painting's Edge* lectures and studied the trees (my next exhibition).
There's something about Idyllwild -- it makes me very happy and creative...
Maybe the altitude (6000 ft) - or the clean air...



edm #167 something that needs fixing

Mom's broken necklace. I originally strung it... in the 80s sometime... the problem is that the beads are glass and wore out the nylon cord. I need to loop it on metal eye pins, but the neighbor kids stole my box of jewelry findings (um, yeah, back in 94). The beads (Italian, I think) are so pretty and begged for some color. Added prisma to ink lines.


edm #4 mug

after several attempts with my usual pen, tried pencil... better

Clutter #3

Drew it, then put the papers away
(or into new piles not on the table)

audio: Dino Soldo "Strange and Beautiful"
Dino is currently touring with Leonard Cohen


patio clutter

I was lolling on the back porch, basking the sun and of course there was some clutter. I thought: why not draw it? With two pack-rats our house is a temple of clutter. The artist clutter, the musician clutter and the slob clutter. It morphs, getting restacked, moving from room to room... our clutter is an unruly 3rd member of the household.
Here is my start of my examination of our clutter. Maybe I'll even throw something away...

edm #1: draw a shoe

let the sketching begin