yangtze sandals

Yangtze Plastic Sandals
1992  Monkok, Kowloon, China
I use these as my studio shoes. Some of the straps are broken. They [are] good for gardening too.


jack purcells

Converse Jack Purcells
Whenever it was when Irene lived in apartment in San Pedro
These aren't all that comfortable nor do they keep my feet warm. I'm not really a sneaker person.

harbor general, day 2 -- urgent care

I was warned by the nurse (?) I saw in ER to get to the hospital before 7:30, because of the bad parking situation (my appointment was at 8). Got there @ 7:25 and yes, it was bad.

Doors to Urgent Care area didn't open until 8. Waited in the same area that I waited the day before and again had to listen to bad TV. Sigh. Why don't they show a "waves on the beach" video or something else relaxing? I find the yammering of AM TV hosts abrasive -- well, any TV/radio yammering. I drew my shoe to pass the time (see previous post below).

At 8, the magic doors opened and then it was time to wait on line to submit my ID, wait for my name to be called for initiating paperwork and waiting in the Urgent Care waiting room. (Do you sense a theme here?). I listened to Leonard Cohen to help relax and block out the TV noise.

Finally at about 9:30, I was led into the inner sanctum of Urgent Care and into a room. No, the wait was not over!

Met with a doctor, waited while she conferred with attending, waited for my paperwork. Got all that and then waited to talk with a financial counselor to see if I could get a further reduction in fees. Nope, make too much at the part-time job (part-time + pre-existing = no health insurance = County healthcare system).

HOWEVER, I'm finally at the point where I thought I was last week when I was calling the Breast Center directly: poised with a doctor referral and waiting to hear from them to schedule an appointment. (I thought my original Dr's note was a referral. No, it was a note).

So now I get to wait 2-3 weeks for that. It IS progress, a teeny tiny bit of progress.


metal cap clogs

2nd day of waiting @ Harbor General

Clogs with metal cap toes
O' My Sole
Marina Del Rey
Love the metal caps on these. My wooden clogs tend to get all split at the toe + these are protected. Also good for kicking dolts that step on me in clubs.


my day at Harbor General Hospital

Wherein I become mere whisp in the County Heathcare system...

It took me a while to find the right place to start:

(I kept seeing that lady with the sunglasses all day -- she probably made the same error in line choice. She kept her sunglasses on the entire time)

I also took photos and sketched my shoe and read The Girl Who Played With Fire (Amazon aff) which sort of distracted me from the 5 hour ordeal. All I came away with was an appointment to see someone in Urgent Care tomorrow. To be continued... hopefully with less waiting.

4.21 while waiting @ Harbor General Hospital

Sanita Patent Mary Jane Clog
Lord John's Bootery
Emergency purchase because all I took to NY was a pair of rubber boots that gave me horrible blisters. Store right around the corner from hotel.

additional field notes:
while I was sketching this, an older man (clearly under the influence of strong meds -- HE mentioned vicoden) started lurching around right in front of me, peeling off outergarments, saying "it's awful hot in here." I was seriously worried that it would get ugly fast, but thankfully his fit passed and he went elsewhere.


norma kamali

Norma Kamali
Louis Heel Oxford
Four Quarters
I feel so pretty when I wear these

bucks for chucks

Converse Suede Sneaker
late 90s?
San Pedro?
A friend, John Borack, is doing a charity for the Boys + Girls Club of Stanton. He calls it Bucks for Chucks. It was actually this charity that got me drawing my shoes.

first sneaker drawing + post
donate here!



Fluevog Chunky Retro Sandal
Sonnie's  So Pasadena
These are so over the top crazy.
Designed in the 90s
Look like the 70s
Comfortable too.


"witch" shoes

"Witch" shoes
1979 (?)  Roxy's (?), Thayer St, Providence, RI
I wore these shoes A LOT in the 80s 
In one of my "pound the pavement" trips to NYC I lost one of the heel taps. I wore that heel down 1/2". A great shoe repair guy sawed off the other side to match. Now 1" wide base kitten heels.
They're really beat up, but oh so comfortable


Originally uploaded by anne m bray

starting a new sketchbook project for ArtHouse.

theme for this one is "in these shoes" I'm going to sketch my shoes in pencil -- as I see them when I wear them. plus verbiage about when, where I bought the shoes and any other thoughts on them. that's the plan anyway...

cow print slides
Summer 2000 Sacramento @ Macy's on sale while waiting for timing belt replace on van
These are my around the house shoes The fur has almost entirely worn off and rubber soles are cracked

this same shoe was my first blog post


converse: back view

I drew this for John Borack, who is doing a charity drive called "Bucks For Chucks"
His Facebook group about it is here (anyone can view it)

My Review of C-Line® Stitched Shop/Job Ticket Holders, 9" x 12"

Originally submitted at Staples

9" x 12" Clear on both sides Heavyweight clear rigid vinyl for maximum durability Metal eyelet for hanging Taped and stitched edges provide added strength Store and protect work orders, production schedules, inventory cards and more.

great document protector

By ambray from 90066 on 4/11/2010


5out of 5

Pros: Sturdy, Attractive Design

Primary use: Business

I put my small-scale artwork in these. Riveted hole at top makes them easy to hang. Only wish it came in a horizontal version.


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