ten ren Tea

ten ren Tea, originally uploaded by ambray66.

here's an experiment
collage, wc crayon, ink
my mom got me the chop on a trip to china last november



edm #215 thumb

edm #215 thumb, originally uploaded by ambray66

done at work on wacom tablet

background is my print that'll go on costco us panties... sometime next year
I drew that "by hand" too


iPhone beach -- not my work

iPhone beach, originally uploaded by velvetina.

what's all this drawing of the iPods?

here's someone doing beautiful sketches on her iPhone...

It's an app called Brushes -- you can get it from iTunes store

anyhow, I don't really want an iPhone -- too$$ for monthly service BUT discovered that the app also works for iPod touch.

so now I must get YET ANOTHER iPod (#4)


iPodShuffle, originally uploaded by ambray66.

I drew it and then got all verbal
gotta get this functioning again


iPod20G, originally uploaded by ambray66.

first iPod
when I maxed it out and still had more tunes to add, it was time to get another.
I use it mostly as a portable hard drive now --
it has all my Otis syllabus/handouts on it.