Lilly Padilla

Lilly Padilla is a Certified Health Coach and Holistic Nutrition Chef.
She gave an enlightening lecture last Friday at The Benjamin Center about nutrition and its connection to the immune system.
Above is page one of my copious notes with a sketch of Lilly.

Lilly offers individual coaching on heath and nutrition and I plan to meet with her.
I foresee some changes in my eating habits!


In 5 Minutes... On My Person

The directive from ArtHouse: "This week your challenge is to create a 5 minute drawing of everything currently on your person. Include anything you're wearing, carrying, stowing in your pockets, and every other detail that you can draw for the next five minutes!
Upload your submission to our Flickr Group. It does require a login, but it's free and easy!
Tweet your images @arthouse using #infiveminutes to share with the world right now!"

That was really fun! I used my old flat template from OTIS (was that cheating?). I only missed getting my sneakers.

This free project runs until 3/22, so you have plenty of time if you want to join in.
Every Friday, the "In 5 Minutes" theme changes, so you can click on this link any time and get a prompt.


The Sumo Mandarin

The Sumo is a new strain of mandarins developed in CA.
It's $$ but DELICIOUS!
The rind is thick. I saved it to candy it.


In 5 Minutes... At Harbor General

I had a routine oncology appt at Harbor General, so I did a couple of sketches for an ArtHouse project:
"This week your challenge is to create a 5 minute portrait."

See other five minute portraits on the Flickr Group.