mini: pencil

this is one of those absurdly small pencils that came with magazine subscription solicitations. are they still sent? haven't gotten one in years.

mini: scissors

I used to carry these around in a small red chinese pouch. got them in hong kong. I love the elegant shape. my drawing arm still shaky and not so elegant.


mini: clothes pin

this came with one of the two flower arrangements that arrived yesterday. from work. the house is suffused with the glorious scent of stargazer lilies. thankfully, the cats refrained from chewing on them.
vision > brain > hand coordination rather wonky, but doesn't hurt to sketch AT ALL. YAY.

mini: vicodin

mini: vicodin
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first drawing post-op.
I'm baaaaaaack!

info about the health issue here:


mini: evil eye charm from mercedes

I have sketched this before, with its mates. Since then, I lost the one I wore on the right ear in NYC. (Hoop got caught on my scarf, opened, then charm dropped onto ground I think). Can't find the others -- hoping I took one over to Christine's for the Day of the Dead altar that we made for Mercedes last November.
I've been wearing these since about 2001, when I donned them to ward off evil vibes from W, an OTIS coworker who tried to get me laid off. She failed.