Cadmium Yellow Lemon

inspired by dictionary.com's
Word of the Day for Friday, January 23, 2009

sallow \SAL-oh\, adjective: having a sickly, yellowish color

office clutter

the pile took a journey to the livingroom...
some of it is already back


cerulean blue

here are two versions...
I'm getting too self-conscious,
now that I've decided this is a "real" art series

I actually drew these on 1-13
why I put today's date is a mystery


raw umber

I'm afraid this tube is getting hard...
that's plastic wrapped around the base
I don't use this color that often...
usually I make it by mixing blue and orange


cadmium red light

it's a good thing I decided to start drawing my paints....
I found this tube with a missing cap