Incoming: 8:58 am

Incoming: 8:58 am
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"Incoming" is the theme for ArtHouse's Monthly Sketchbook Project for June. arthousecoop.com/projects/sketchbookmonthliesjune

It took me a couple of weeks to decide what to do for this book (I like to keep a consistent style to these Monthly sketchbooks).

My concept is this: Day in My Life, items are cropped with only a bit showing on page. Linear ink sketches.

Page 1 is my current favorite mug that I have my wake-up tea (Twinings Earl Gray) in. My "Loretta Lynn's Kitchen" souvenir mug purchased in Hurricane Mills, TN on my Road Trip last October. Sketched a while after 2nd cup finished... I wake up WAY earlier than 8am!

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