The Clutter Abides, Still

I'm doing one of those "Post 5 Artworks..." challenges on Facebook [find mine here], and I thought I'd make it more complicated for myself by making blog posts with the art. Each day a different blog. [Yes, I have 5+ blogs. Ack!]
Sketches and Impressions was the first blog that I started, in May 2008.

Clutter sketches surface in my oeuvre every now and then.
Here's an early one from 2009:
Anne M Bray, Office Clutter, Ink on paper, 11 x 13" ©2009
Here's a recent one from my decluttering project of October 2015:
Link for this image
All the posts are on The Glutton's Progress, the second blog that I started in April 2009.
Here's the link for the month-long series.
As a result of that project, the living room became tidy for about one day. Then the paper tsunami hit. The floodwaters of paper still linger.
As I say in the title, the clutter abides.

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