Another Waiting Game at UCLA/Harbor plusTesting CamScanner

I found a "scanning" phone app via my Fake Journaling friend Dana, who found it through Tina, an Urban Sketcher.
The app is CamScanner, available for both iOS and Android.

The first quick experiment, under bad lighting:
Compare with a standard scan:
The standard scan wins in this case. This is an easy sketchbook to scan from, and black ink is easy to scan.
I have other sketchbooks and media that are more difficult, and I will continue with my experiments.

The hospital visit was for a sonogram for a suspicious lump near my 2nd mastectomy scar. It was a false alarm -- that was a relief. I could have done without the three hours of waiting around, it was very boring AND anxiety inducing. I refused to sit in the Room of Doom (where I waited to get my initial diagnosis on 6/2/10). Instead, I sat in the hall near the Radiation Oncology Clinic.

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